Counting my culinary blessings with Healthy Mummy

It’s been a fine week of a healthy life. I’ve exercised, ate and drank right without much indulgence into junk food whilst exercising each morning with my beloved toddler. I’ve been able to make healthy foods and drinks for me & my beloved little cherry pie: with all due thanks going to healthy mummy. Healthy Mummy Coupon Code are a blessing when it comes to availing food items for you and your toddler provided that one day you may get tired and need a lot of rest.

Let me count the culinary blessings & blessed tips for feeding my little princess. Get the best Coupon Code of The Healthy Mummy

Ready-made smoothies for my little princess

Preparing meals can get tiring and especially if you are facing the week alone at home. At times, my husband can go abroad for a business trip whereas my parents in law may visit their older son in a nearby suburb for longer periods. In this time, it’s best to freeze meals cooked and prepared with heart whereas sandwiches are easy to feed to toddlers with a Healthy mummy readymade smoothie.

Pick and mix platter of fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables are a necessity for you & your precious little munchkin. Assort your favourite fruits, veggies and berries with some sweet yoghurt, some hummus, some fried meat and a bit of crackers as well. Such can help your little one grab some nutrients as well as overcome its picky eating sense.

Wraps, Tacos & a homemade pizza

Good way to use some leftover meat and veggies. Grab some tortillas from the supermarket, fry them up and make some wholesome good and tasty wraps with your favourite ketchup or some other homemade sauce.

Homemade pizza is the love of my life. Easy to customise, easy ingredients, thin or thick crust as well as wholesome toppings. Pizza is my favourite and a homemade pizza can never be beaten.

Stir fried spaghetti and noodles

Frozen stir fry vegetables and meat coupled with spaghetti and a decent sauce make up for a great meal that can fulfil the dietary needs of your beloved kid and for yourself as well.

These culinary ideas are a blessing and I’ve been revolving them round the clock to ensure my little munchkin never skips a meal and would get to taste yummy goodies that life has to offer.

If you have any other idea that can work, do not hesitate in sharing on healthy mummy as we are sure your idea will not just work but also be a lifeline for many others as well.

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